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An independently organized international webinar

Through our first ever Global Summit, we hope to explore different perspectives and solutions concerning the electronic waste crisis in the twenty-first century. The conference’s goal is to engage youth in the fight against this pressing issue by shedding light on its numerous aspects, such as legislature, activism, organizational work, and academic research. In an effort to achieve this, our team has curated a panel of leading experts to present and lead interactive sessions at the Global Summit—from CEOs of international e-waste organizations to researchers from prestigious institutions like the Sofies Group. 

This is a great opportunity to engage in constructive discourse with professionals from all around the world, foster learning, and promote productive discussions about approaches to countering the detriments of the e-waste crisis. 


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Our Panelists 

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our panelists are the backbone of the EWA Global Summit. Their work as academic researchers, activists, policy-makers, and organization executives has played a foundational role in combating the global e-waste crisis. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible panelists for the conference.


Cris Stephenson

CEO of Environcom

Cris Stephenson joined Environcom Ltd—the largest independent electronic waste management business in the UK—in September of 2015, but his background is logistics. After attending Durham University, he started work as a Class 1 HGV driver. After joining TNT, a subsidiary of FedEx, he worked his way up to Divisional Managing Director. Having now worked across all aspects of the supply chain, Stephenson joined the e-waste recycling industry, where he has championed reuse first whilst lobbying for improved recycling standards and an end to the UK exporting its e-waste by legal methods. He pursued a motorcycle racing passion riding at European Championship level and enjoys racing post-classic bikes in his free time.

Mathieu Rama

Senior Policy Officer of RREUSE

With an educational background in French and European Environmental Law, Mathieu Rama is a Senior Policy Officer pushing for an ambitious circular economy, an environmentally-conscious economic paradigm that would allow for the extensive regeneration and recycling of marketed goods. He is dedicated to making products more reusable in both principle and reality. Through his involvement in the ReWEEE Life+ project and his work on ecodesign measures for electronics, Mathieu also specialises in the domain of electronics and aims to maximize their sustainability.


Shen Bolun


Born in 1989 in China, Shen Bolun studied business and economics in Canada for a short period of time and graduated from Communication University of China in 2012. Since 2013, he has devoted most of his time and energy towards independent art projects, many of which have been presented in prestigious exhibitions and conferences worldwide. Most of his personal projects focus on making an impact in the real world. For instance, Bolun is infamous for his “Tongtian” exhibition, which is a sculpture inspired by the Tower of Babel and made up of discarded cell phones that aims to highlight the e-waste problem in China. Bolun believes art is not only aesthetic or spiritual, but should also make a difference in social awareness.

Francesca Cenni

BRS Convention Program Officer

Francesca Cenni is a programme officer of the Science and Technical Assistance Branch. She coordinates technical assistance for the Basel Convention and is the focal point for e-waste activities and technical assistance on emergencies in the Secretariat. In this capacity, she coordinates the follow up partnership to PACE and also serves as focal point for BRS activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ms. Cenni is one of the authors of the E-Waste Challenge Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). In the past, she coordinated the Probo Koala assistance programme in Africa, thus facilitating projects in cooperation with the Basel Regional Centres. Prior to joining the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Ms. Cenni was the environmental manager of a chemical company in the wastewater treatment sector. In UNEP she worked for the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention and for the Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention. Ms. Cenni, an Italian national, holds a Master's degree in environmental sciences. She studied at Bologna University in Italy and Lund University in Sweden, where she specialized in marine toxicology.


Kyle Wiens

CEO of iFixit

Kyle Wiens is the co-founder and CEO of iFixit, an online repair community internationally renowned for their free repair manuals and product teardowns. Launched out of his Cal Poly college dorm room in 2003, iFixit has now empowered upwards of 15 million people to repair their damaged electronic goods. In 2012, he started Dozuki, a software company that aims to revolutionize online technical documentation. Weins is a board member of Softec and the IEEE CE Society. He has spoken widely on technical writing, cloud computing, self-repair, service documentation, and sustainable consumer electronics at forums like MacWorld, The Intelligent Content Conference, and more. Weins also regularly writes for media outlets, including The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, Wired, TreeHugger and ifixit.org.

Harshita Mehta

Academic and Consultant at Sofies

Harshita Mehta is an esteemed consultant at the Indian Office of Sofies, an international sustainability project management firm that offers sustainable professional services and champions the principles of industrial ecology and circular economy. Mehta was selected as an International Climate Champion by the British Council in 2011 for a food waste management project in the Nilgiris. She has worked on projects relating to packaging waste recycling, smart cities, composting and sustainability strategy at various internships. A Commonwealth scholar, she worked on bioplastics for her MSc thesis and modelling of anaerobic digestion for a group project. She is also a leading expert in sectoralization of the electronic waste management industry and has previously been a long term teacher at an NGO for underprivileged children.


A truly global conference

200+ participants from high-schools, colleges, and universities around the world


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