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On of our first partners, this ENVI-sion is a youth-led organization based in South Korea encourage, educate, and engage others to participate in small but life-changing activities to help the environment. Holding community, biological, and fundraising projects and publishing news articles concerning environmental issues, we, as youths, envision a greener planet for future generations.

Green Globe Dhahran 

Founded in Dhahran, Green Globe Dhahran is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness about environmental issues in communities around the world. Through their social media platform, they show people in Dhahran how small changes in their lives can have a significant impact on nature over the long term. With GGD, the E-Waste Alliance has organized events to raise funds, collect e-waste from communities in Dhahran, and spread awareness about the e-waste crisis.

Paint Me A River

Founded in Dhahran, Paint Me A River is an inclusive art community that allows artists, photographers, and poets to share their work in hope that it would inspire and connect people. Through its partnership with this organization, the EWA hopes to help generate social-awareness through the powerful medium of art to help bring attention to the crisis of electronic waste and its large-scale impact on the environment.


E-Waste Disposal and Recycling Partners

Our chapters around the world work with trusted e-waste management organizations to ensure that all the waste we collect is disposed of and recycled in a manner that is safe, efficient, and eco-friendly - a win for both society and nature!

Saudi Daz E-Waste Recycling

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

RAKI Electronics Recycling

Houston, United States

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Seoul, South Korea
Seongnam, South Korea

NAMO eWaste

New Delhi, India

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