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Working to fight the global electronic waste crisis


Our Story

The E-Waste Alliance was born out of a desire to address a significant, but not well-known threat to the sustainability of mother nature's future. Founded by a passionate environmentalist in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, our organization is led by a committed team of young individuals who are working with communities around the world to ensure that the large volumes of electronic waste produced today do not serve as a burden to the sustainability of tomorrow's environmental systems and human societies. The E-Waste Alliance truly believes that cooperative, strategic efforts can bring about a meaningful change. It is this conviction that has driven us to empower communities to join the fight against the e-waste crisis.

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What We Do

Our plan to combat the electronic waste crisis at all levels of society, one step at a time.


Building Awareness

To garner the community's support and elicit action

As a community organization, we recognize the importance of building awareness. E-waste is frequently (and often unknowingly) produced in most 21st-century households. However, a large number of individuals are unaware of the consequential impact their waste can have on the environment and human societies around the world. Through community fundraisers, door-to-door awareness campaigns, and virtual infographics on social media, we educate people about the ongoing e-waste crisis and its significance in relation to environmental and societal sustainability, showing them the simple steps they can take to help solve the problem. By working with informed communities, we are able to immensely augment the impact our work has.

Establishing Collection Systems

To make it easy to dispose of electronic waste

We are dedicated to empowering communities to fight the e-waste crisis. In order to do so, the E-Waste Alliance facilitates the establishment of sustainable systems of waste collection that accommodate e-waste. By placing custom-designed waste collection bins in residential communities and neighborhoods, we hope to make it convenient for individuals to dispose of their e-waste. Via the awareness material that can be found on our E-Waste Alliance collection bins, we not only specify the different items that people can use our bins to dispose of, but also direct people to our social media platforms, through which they can learn more about what our organization does to ensure the proper disposal of their waste.


Facilitating Eco-Friendly Disposal

To ensure the protection of the environment

The E-Waste Alliance works with trusted waste-management organizations in communities around the world to ensure that all the e-waste we collect is properly managed. These organizations have access to the infrastructure required to properly dismantle, recycle, and discard electronic waste. The process of disposal not only enables the reclamation of valuable materials like gold and platinum, but also ensures that things like plastics and potent chemicals are kept away from sensitive environmental ecosystems. By working with trusted organizations, we are able to ensure that electronic waste is transported from household drawers and cabinets to the recycling belt in a safe, eco-friendly manner.

Expanding Our Initiative

To help others fight the electronic waste crisis with us

Ever since its establishment, the E-Waste Alliance has hoped to develop a sustainable strategy to fight the e-waste crisis at the community level and replicate this in societies around the world. As such, we are constantly seeking to expand the reach of our organization via the formation of international chapters led by passionate environmentalists. While some communities do not have access to waste disposal systems that accommodate electronic waste, others are simply uninformed about the e-waste crisis. By expanding our initiative globally, the E-Waste Alliance hopes to solve this problem.


The E-Waste Alliance In Numbers


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